You know that feeling of ‘love at first sight’ you sometimes get with an object that catches your eye: that lamp, that vase, those coffee cups… there’s that moment when you just know you belong together? That’s why we’re here. We love that feeling, and we selected these special pieces so you can experience it too, again and again.

Onyx Bookend Dolly
Marble Coasters Jaron

We enjoy searching high and low for vintage objects that inspire us. And we like to think every piece has its own soul, character and hidden history.

Glass Tray Nika
Little Marble Jar Rose
Candle Holder Tare (Set of 2)
Paperweight Marilyn
Candle Holder Finn

Each object on our site is patiently awaiting its new home, having lived some of its life already. And, like people, some pieces wear their histories closer to the surface than others!

Catchall Icy
Glass Carafe Elle
Marble Box Oscar
Marble Bowl Peer
Marble Bowl Lyla
Marble Bowl Olia
Marble Plate Gertina
Lamp Masha
Catchall Jefrem

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