Argh, it’s February! Ok, so it’s not the most beautiful month of the year to be honest… But: As you know, we try to look on the bright side of everything…

Marble Box Nevio
Vase Hilda
Bookend Marta (2.-tlg)
Handmade jug Marten
Onyx Catchall Ida
Jug Aria
Candleholders Eleyna (2.tlg.)
Marble Box Iva
Jug Aris
Ceramic Bowl Angellucie
Jug Ing
Marble Bowl Amba
Jug & Cups Florentina (7tlg.)
Small Marble Vase Runa

So. February means: being able to stay home without feeling guilty, enjoying and maybe even sprucing up your home, and appreciating its warmth and comfort. Ah, that’s better.

Marble Catchall Ivy
Jug Magnus
Marble Bookend Rayan (2tlg.)
Jug Arlo
Marble Box Florentine
Picture frame Eymen
Marble Tray Naila
Jug & Glasses Alva (7.tgl)
Marble Box Karim
Glass Bowl Liz
Midcentury Wooden Vase Tonja
Marble Box Kalle
Glasses Set Joschua (2tlg.)

If you feel that way too, we hope you’ll check out our new “Gloomy Beauties” collection and be inspired by February too.

Marble Bowl Afini
Vase Kalle
Onyx Coasters Asia (7.-tlg)
Jug Hanno
Pins Set Rokko (7.-tlg.)
Jug Tikhon
Vase Romina
Onyx Catchall Indy
Wooden Box Liara
Ceramic Box Albert

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