Do you remember back in ‘the noughties'? When that lamp was hanging in your ’Teenage’ room? Or the black plates on the breakfast table in your parents’ house? What about the Martini glasses your best friend gave you for your 18th birthday?

Hanging Lamp Alessio
Martini Glasses Cosmo (4tlg.)
Vase Safira
Crockery Set Paul (27.tgl)
Jug Befe
Cups Junis (2tlg.)
Brass Bookends Samuel (2tlg.)
Crockery Set Paul (27.tgl)
Little Marble Box Ven

This unique collection is inspired by our family photo album from the early 2000s. So many memories!

Coffee and cake set Rosenthal (11.tgl)
Glasses Set Zuria (6tlg.)
Vase Odeya
Vase Barny
Ceramic Bowl Bonny
Jug & Pins Salomo (7tlg.)

We thought we’d share the nostalgia buzz with you, since the early 2000s is a hot trend right now (check out those cool transparent glasses!)

Vase Bonnie
Small Pins Set Cara (5 tlg.)
Catchall Sabet

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