Copper Bowl Aiden

We LOV to travel, and had a great time in Italy last week. Now we’re back with our new Wanderlust collection!

Copper Bowl Aiden
Glass Vase Yasha
Liqueur Set Rosenthal (6.tlg)
Small Vase Yara
Vase Zinaida
Wooden Box Malea

Travel encourages us to see, taste and try new things.

Jug Maja
Glasses Set Paco (4tlg.)
Jug Maja
Bohemian Glass Bowl Saula

Travel helps us out of our comfort zones and always seems to inspire our creative sides.

Plates Set Linnea (8.tlg.)
Jug Neo
Plates Set Linnea (8.tlg.)
Vase Thalia

We hope our new Wanderlust-inspired collection will bring a little of the big wide world into your home.

Ceramic Stand Nala
Candleholder Dua
Bohemian Glass Bowl Roza
Ceramic Stand Nala
Candleholder Konrad
Liqueur Set Adea (4.tlg)
Glas Vase Michel

Enjoy our new collection!
Katja & Marija

Vase Lena
Silk Scarf Jane
Glass Jar Julie

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