We’ve always had a fascination with Spanish ‘fincas’. We find the simplicity of a traditional country lifestyle inspiring.

Jug & Cups Lemon (7tlg.)
Vase Albie
Small Vase Lottie
Jug Yul
Wooden Bowl Valerya
Carafe & Glass Tovi (2.tgl)
Small Jug Chlothar
Vase Sienna
Marble Vase Beath
Jug & Cups Greeny (3tlg.)
Marble Vase Beda
Hanging Lamp Bardo
Bowl Temelin
Jug Sharela

Maybe it’s the desire to live amongst natural colours and materials. Sure, we live in the city in beautiful Berliner Altbauten, but we can still bring the finca dream indoors!

Jug Federico
Vase Bele
Mini Jug Mia
Butter Dish Cay
Jug Valentin
Glass Bowl Lyla
Little Marble Box Zorya

This month’s all-new collection is finca-inspired, and includes a selection of ceramic and wooden pieces in calming olive and brown colours.

Jug Aurora
Bowl Erin
Plates Set Riccardo (2tlg.)
Little Wooden Box Dietra
Glas Vase Asael
Vase Sheth
Sugar Box Gaia
Vase Aviva
Glasses Set Love (6tlg.)
Vase Hugo

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