About us

MOA & LOV (sisters Marija & Katja, a Photographer and a Creative Director) began in a tiny kitchen, with Katja’s 3-month-old baby bouncing on her lap while we talked about our love of beautiful objects and their stories.

We’ve always enjoyed browsing, shopping, finding, discovering and recommending those little hard-to-define but lovely-to-look-at charms which help turn a house into a home. As sisters living in the same city, we love to pick items for each other, and now we want to share the fun with you.

We love sourcing and uncovering hidden gems, mixing and matching styles and cultures. We’re here to help you ‘brighten the corners’ with unique, vintage and handcrafted pieces, whatever your style and wherever you call home.

Our values

After moving to Berlin and decorating our apartments with vintage objects and furniture (always on a strict budget!) we realised that our favourite finds were all second hand.

As a society, we’ve become so used to the cycle of buying new things, replacing them or simply throwing them away – plastic things especially. And let’s face it: nobody wants to live their life surrounded only by plastic! 

Our environment clearly can’t keep up with all this ‘new stuff’, so we’re focused on finding joy in what’s already out there: beautiful handcrafted pieces made from natural materials, with hidden stories and visible personalities.

We want to support a better future by rediscovering a beautiful past, and that includes encouraging more people to shop vintage, rather than simply creating ‘more stuff’.

We’re also committed to using recyclable, natural materials for our packaging, and to using as little packaging as necessary. Currently 90% of our packaging is recyclable, natural material, and we hope to be able to make that 100% in the future.